Learning The Secrets About Raincoats

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Raincoat

With the availability of different types of raincoats, choosing a high-quality raincoat can be an overwhelming task. You can decide to either buy a mackintosh, zip-up, compressible and disposable raincoats. What follows is a raincoat buying guide that should help you choose a high-quality raincoat.

As discussed above, there is a wide variety of raincoats that you can go for. To choose the perfect raincoat that matches your style, it is of paramount importance that you know the kind of lifestyle you lead. Active people who love to jog and cycle can go for the short, cropped coats because they offer spacious room for their legs to move freely. But for people who don’t lead an active lifestyle, they should consider buying the elongated raincoats.

Raincoats are made from different materials like natural fibers which are treated with waterproofing substances. Such kind of raincoats are high quality and they provide high level of waterproofing. This means that when they come in contact with water, they swell up preventing any water from entering. The other kind of raincoat is designed from a synthetic substance called polyurethane. While this kind of fabric is water-resistant, it does not offer any breathability. As a result, you are likely to sweat if you wear it.

Longevity and how the raincoat looks are determined by the way the raincoat has been built. It is important that you pay extra attention to the taped seams during the time of buying the raincoat. To effectively increase rain protection, you should buy raincoats that have their seams taped on the inside. For adequate rain protection, always buy a raincoat whose zips are taped.

Apart from this, you need to also consider the size of the placket. A high placket has the advantage of locking away intense rain and keeping you much warmer and you need to seriously consider buying a raincoat that has a high placket. Since a high packet raincoat will always raise under the chin when zipped completely, other people will find this not being comfortable.

Apart from protecting you from rain, the raincoat should also be easy to maintain. Natural fabrics raincoat are always easy to breathe in. The only disadvantage is that because of the clinging of oils and dirt on the surface of the raincoat, the raincoat waterproofing functionality reduces over time.

In conclusion, always check the care instruction attached to the raincoat and buy your raincoat from a reputable shop to avoid spending lots of cash in maintaining the raincoat.

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