Improve The Look of Fencing and Gate Posts With Atlanta Post Caps

With the addition of aluminum, copper, plastic, or metal post caps, a fence or gated area can take on a more attractive look. These post caps not only beautify the fence posts but also protect them from weather damage. By preventing moisture from seeping into the top of the wood post or getting under the post cap, this product adds years to the life of fencing. The post caps come in several sizes designed to fit a multitude of fencing sizes. There are even solar post caps that light up after dark using solar power collected during the day.

Sizes And Shapes of Caps

The attractive post caps come in several sizes and shapes to fit a variety of post styles. They also have different top shapes. They come in a square shape either 4×4 inches, 6×6 inches, or 8×8 inches. Then the post caps come in 4×6 inches rectangular shape and round pine cone-shaped caps from 7 inches diameter through 16 inches diameter. This extensive choice of sizes and shapes covers most fencing post types and sizes. In addition, the post caps come in actual or nominal sizes. Nominal size refers to caps that will fit posts that are 1/2 inch smaller than the advertised size.

The top shape can be flat, cone, or pyramid depending on the collection chosen. Square pile caps in resin also come in 10×10 inch, 12×12 inch, and 14×14 inch to cover larger post sizes. Companies such as Atlanta Post Caps provide this product through direct sales.

Colors and Finishes

Depending on the style and construction material, the post caps come in colors including powder coated black, white, copper, and plain aluminum. Olive green, cedar, and dark brown are colors also available in resin post caps. These colors are designed to add beauty to any style fence.

Solar Post Caps

Because of using special powder coating and electroplating and a special solar cell, solar post caps feed a battery that supplies light starting at dusk and turning off at sunrise. A fence lit at night can add security and provide light for outdoor activities.

All of the post caps can be customer installed and come with warranties. A purchase of $50.00 or more gets the customer free shipping. For additional information, visit the website.

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